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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What Factor VII Deficiency Means to Me...

My daughter has severe Factor VII Deficiency (a blood disorder similar to hemophilia). My son , who also had severe FVII Deficiency, passed away from a spontaneous CNS bleed in February 2008.

Aside from blogging about day-to-day life, I am also on a quest to find other people with Factor VII Deficiency. I would like to connect with other families dealing with this very rare bleeding disorder and use this blog as my outlet. If you or your child has this condition, please message me. If you don't have this condition but have questions, feel free to send me a message anyway.

You can also go here for more information:

About Factor VII Deficiency

In laymen's terms:Factor VII Deficiency is a rare bleeding disorder that hinders the blood's ability to clot. Bleed times are prolonged, but contrary to popular belief, a small cut is not life threatening. People do not bleed to death and with proper treatment, this disorder is completely managable. Thankfully, my daughter receives regular factor replacement therapy and is responding very well to her treatment regimen. :-)

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