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Saturday, December 11, 2010


In case you didn't already know, John and I were supposed to get married today. Yep, I was supposed to have my big ol' Catholic wedding, but instead, I got pre-martially knocked up again.

All three of my sisters we set to get married in 2011 & 2012 which is why John and I decided to get married at the last minute. (Our culture believes that it's bad for siblings to get married in the same year.) We started planning in late May, but quickly cancelled in early July after we discovered that Noie was on her way. I decided that it would NOT be a good look to waddle down the aisle while 8 months preggers.

But, believe it or not, planning our would-be wedding was sooooo easy. We've been engaged since John proposed when Kevin was 8 months old. Needless to say,  I've had tons of time fantasize about our wedding day. We both love the winter so December seemed like a natural choice. Aside from that, it was the 12th month of our 12th year which was perfect. John picked the date and venue, but I did everything else. We planned on using the same photographer, DJ, and videographer from Niki's party. I even found the perfect dress! (Thank goodness I didn't order it or I would have been screwed.)

I'm a little sad today. I wouldn't trade my "Snowy Noie" for THE WORLD, but damn it, I should be in a wedding dress today -- not sweats and a huge-ass sweater!!! Today I was supposed to officially become Mrs. John  (okay, Rodolfo) de Leon! 12.11.10 was supposed to be the day that I stopped being a "sinner," and finally have my union with John recognized by God. It's very important to us to have His sacramental blessing. That's why we've held off on having a civil ceremony all these years.

Everything about our wedding had a meaning. Instead, there are a LOT of "Nos" happening today.

1. No vintage winter wonderland wedding at the Galleria. The room was going to be filled with Tiffany blue, crimson red (John's signature color in high school), crystal trees, twinkling lights, bling, and downy feathers.
2. No large wedding party - a groomsman & bridesmaid for each year we've been together.
3. No flocked Christmas tree for our guests to hang handmade ornaments on. (I was going to have an ornament making table so our guests could make an ornament to take home and one for us to keep -- to carry on our den's holiday tradition.)
4. No photobooth & scrapbook table.
5. No Japanese cuisine or sushi bar. (To pay homage to our first date.)
6. No yummy warm winter treats & drink bar.
7. No snowy honeymoon with my honey.
8. And most importantly of all, NO blessing from God, at St. Dominic's, by the Father who gave Ethan his final sacrament.

Today, we're making gingerbread houses, decorating ornaments, and going to the parol parade. It's not my wedding day, but I wouldn't trade today's memories for the world. :)

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  1. oh love...don't worry you'll have your day. and from the sounds of it, it's half way planned anyway!