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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

My First STD...

If you thought this was going to be a post about my first sexually transmitted disease, you were wrong my friend. I've never had a STD, but I'd like to take a moment to state how much I enjoy that particular wedding acronym. You wouldn't believe how much fun I've had  using that term in the presence of non-crafty folk. I miss the amusement dearly and hope to publicly use the phrase "making STDs this weekend" in the near future.

No my friends, today I'm sharing a picture of the very first Save-The-Date I've ever made.  I crafted 250 of these bad boys for my sister Stef and her then-fiance Josh's vintage-style wedding. They know what they like so it was really easy to come up with font combinations that worked for them. I just adore how the STDs turned out even though, frankly, I'm certain I've got carpal tunnel after tying 250 teeny, tiny twine knots. ;)

This STD was the first of many, many craft projects stemming from what I will now refer to as the "Wedding-mageddeon" part of my life. Three weddings in two weeks = end-of-the-world for my poor back and fingers. But as much as I bitch and whine, I wouln't change that time in my life for the world. ;)

My First STD
Pink, Teal, and Gray Save-the-Date

While we're on the subject of "saving the date," I thought I'd also sneak in their super cute engagement photos. You guys know I'm a sugar-fiend so these candy shop shots had my sweet tooth aching for a fix. Also? The pictures were so awesome that they were featured in a wedding blog called Sparkle & Hay. You can see that post by clicking here.  Their very talented photographer did an awesome job. If you want to see the post at Aubrey Joy Photography, you can click here.

Too Adorable!


  1. i need to pull the scrapping stuff out and get busy

  2. was the title of this post inspired by one of the topics of our conversation sunday evening?

  3. Shoot Pop, we talk about so much randomness I barely remember what was said! No, this particular blog (and its title) was saved as draft for a while now -- just needed to upload pics. ;)

    Mel, yes you do! This photo of my first dry run. The text was later fixed so it was 1/8" to the right. (Lol, you know I'm anal like that.)