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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pre-Engagement Video

Here is my sister's pre-engagement video. This super awesome shoot was done my very talented friends Dex Beats & Co. I highly recommend Calixte Works for your next event. If you want to see professionalism and creativity at its finest, go to them! You can also see their work at Benefit Cosmetics -- they shoot their tutorials too. Yes my friends, they are THAT talented.

Anyway, enjoy! (Don't forget to turn off the music at the bottom of this page.) One wedding down, two more to go!

Description from Calixte:

"This is the pre-engagement video that we showed at the reception of the newly weds wedding. The story behind the "24/7" idea came about when the couple mentioned that Eric proposed to Denise during an actual argument. That, and they are huge fans of the HBO series.

Wedding trailer coming soon. Enjoy!

Eric & Denise Mariano "24/7" from Calixte Works on Vimeo.

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  1. hahaha i love how they are supposed to be at the gym and he is drinking a corona