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Friday, September 30, 2011

Magazine Articles...

I've neglected to share the links to these articles. I've been very behind with my "what-been-going-on-in-our-den updates", but I'm cracked-out on coffee right now so I'd thought I'd share....

This is the cover story for HemAware's latest issue. There's a small blurb about my blog at the bottom.

This article has a portion that talks about Niki's MedicAlert...

This article was in Bay Area Parent's December 2010 issue. It received top billing for the article. We've been hand-crafting ornaments every year since I became pregnant with Kevie. Hoping that my cubbies carry on this family tradition once they start having cubbies of their own. :)

A piece about our ornament-making tradition

This one was for Bay Area Parent's January 2011 issue. It's an article called "The Going Rate." My friend J was also in this article. :)

A few screen shots...

A VERY cool thing that happened after this article was posted! Not only did it help me raise awareness for factor VII deficiency, but  a woman recently diagnosed with FVII-deficiency came across the article, and contacted the author. We linked up and spoke with each other shortly thereafter. It felt good to help a fellow bleeder network with others in the community.

More posts coming in the very near future. Thanks for your patience!

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