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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I am happy to report that my Queen now has two tiny tooth buds! :)

I noticed that her lower left central incisor sprouted on 8/21. Naturally, I felt bad for not seeing it sooner (it actually came in on 8/20), but thankfully I won't have to miss any milestones now that I'm withdrawing from the program. (See, there's a positive side to every negative one!)

Niki's initial "tooth-cutting" didn't result in any bleeds. Great news, right? Unfortunately, she did have a tiny gum bleed last night.

Niki was gnawing on a teether when lo and behold, a bleed started. The bleeding stopped after about 15 minutes (we used cold teethers to aid in clotting) so the Hematologist covering for Dr. Awesome said we didn't have to use Amicar yet. We can do without Amicar as long as her gums don't bleed for more than 30 minutes AND clotting can be encouraged with cold teethers/pacificers/wash rags.


In case you didn't already google it, gum bleeds tend to look scarier than they actually are. The blood mixed with saliva can be alarming at first, but we're okay as long as we know how to differentiate between GI bleeding and gum bleeding. I've seen both so I'm not too concerned.

I've become a pro at removing bloodstains anyway. ;-)

For your viewing pleasure, here is a pic of her first tooth!

And....another of the funniest picture EVER!

Niki the Velociraptor!

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  1. awww how cute. omg i need to see my little cutie soon i'm having withdrawls.