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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Cliff Notes...

I'm seriously backlogged with my "daily documentation". I still have soooo many "saved as draft" entries it's not even funny. So, I've decided to compile everything into one blog entry for my own sanity. And so, without further ado, here's the Cliff Notes version of "November 2009 @ the Lion's Den". (Disclaimer: I didn't proof read, spell check, or edit this entire post. Please forgive any grammatical errors, typos, or any confusion this may have caused.)
Week 1 Highlights:

Thursday 11/5/2009
Boo and Niki had ear infections in the same ear. Kevin was sent home with a note from school. His teacher said he "lied" about finishing his word contractions classwork. Kevin admitted to me the he didn't finish his work, but he also told me that it was "too easy". The KID thought he could finish it quickly so he opted to draw instead! I informed him that he needed to be diligent about completing his work on time always. While we are discussing his behavior, he mentioned to me that his teacher yelled at him and smacked the back of her hand into the palm of her other one. It appeared to me that she was attempting to intimidate my son into doing his work. Not cool. I tested Kev to see if he was paying attention to the lesson and of course, Kev passed with flying colors. I wrote a note back to his teacher informing her that I'd appreciate it if she didn't yell at him if he makes a mistake. I also advised her that Kev was paying attention to her lesson.

Friday 11/6/09 Boo and Niki's ear infections appeared to be improving with the antibiotics. Their low grade fevers were gone by morning. No response from Kev's teacher. The note I sent to her never came back to me. I figured she didn't respond because of the weekend. I left her a message Friday night and reminded her of the note I sent. The weekend was completely uneventful.

Week 2 Highlights:

Monday 11/9/09 Still no response from Kevin's teacher. No phone call or note from school! I started to grow impatient.

Tuesday 11/10/09 STILL no response from his teacher! While I waited for Kevin to finish his dental appointment, I placed another phone call. It was 5pm and she answered. She seemed surprised that I called. I asked her about the note and she denied ever seeing it. (Yeah right!) Then I proceeded to tell her about the discussion Kevin and I had. She denied ever yelling at him and she even tried to imply that Kevin was embellishing. Total lies, but I let it go. I told her that I wanted to PREVENT Kevin from getting in trouble and asked her what game plan she had in place to combat the issue on hand. I reminded her that I was doing my part at home. Kevin doesn't watch TV, go on the computer, or play video games on week days. (Barely on weekends.) I even told her that Kev (and Anthony) have "class time" with me at home every night. She said she would "try" to keep him on task and "try" to send me a daily report about his activities (my suggestion), but nothing was set in stone. Meanwhile, she suggested MORE stuff for me to do at home to combat the issue. Basically, she implied that something that needed to be changed at home and NOT in class. Keep in mind that the only problems he has are IN CLASS and I can't be there with him!Nevertheless, I let it go. I even wrote a little motivational note for him (on a baseball) to remind him to "score a home run" and finish all his work. It was my attempt to "be there" in class. Positive reinforcement right?

Wednesday 11/11/2009 Kev came home and told me that he "scored a home run". Progress!

Thursday 11/12/2009 I went to visit Ethan when I got off from work and had a very negative encounter with the security guard there. The guard pulled up very quickly (from out of no where) and sped up to my car with his while I was entering the gate! I was already in, but he honked very loudly at me so I rolled down the window to see what the problem was. He was yelling at me and told me that cemetery closed at 5pm. It was 4:50pm. I told him I understood that, but I also told him that there was no need to be rude. He yelled "Why?!" back at me and I reminded him that we were at THE CEMETERY and that I was there to visit my loved one. I told him again that there was no need to be rude because Holy Cross is a sensitive place. He told me that if I didn't like it that I could complain to the cemetery office. I reminded him that it wasn't 5pm and I asked him to stop yelling and being rude. Yes, I told him to watch his rudeness that many times and he didn't let up. Then, he told me "You can leave." I was beyond shocked. I asked him if he was kicking me out. He must have realized that he was wrong so he told me "Go, hurry up!" Nice, huh? I went and visited Ethan (there were still plenty of cars parked throughout the cemetery), but I was still shaken up by the encounter I had. I stayed for a brief moment and when I drove back the gate was locked. The guard was standing there. I pulled up next to him and told him that there were still plenty of people inside. The guard then proceeded to talk over me so I interrupted him. I told him that he need to listen to what I had to say. I reminded him AGAIN that there was no need for him to be rude. I also reminded him that it was not 5pm when I got there. Actually, I almost started to cry because he was being so horrible. I told him that I've been coming to visit Ethan almost every day for nearly two years and I had been there past 5pm plenty of times. He shook his head as if I were lying and then said, "I've been doing this for 20 years and you've only been here for two...". He let his voice trail off. Then a woman (maybe his wife) who was sitting in the guard's car, came out of the vehicle and started yelling something in Hindi. He yelled back at her so she went in the car again. Right after that exchange a car from another "mourner" pulled up behind me so I had to leave. The whole experience made me want to disintern Ethan to put him somewhere else! I left there crying and upset with the negative energy that would NOW be associated with visiting Ethan. As if visiting him weren't hard enough....

Friday 11/13/2009 I spoke with the general manager for Holy Cross. I told him all about what happened between the guard and I the night before. It appeared that the guard got to the manager before I did. The manager apologized, but also covered up for the guard. He insisted that they set this new rule for safety. The manager also said he saw the whole encounter and insisted that it was 5pm when I got there. (It totally wasn't.) There wasn't anyone one outside of the office when the guard and I were at the gate! I let it go because I figured there was no use in arguing with him. The whole meeting I had with the manager went no where. I've switched my visiting hours instead. It's a shame really. I hope I never have to see that guard again.

Saturday 11/14/2009 Party at my MIL's house. Manny Pacquiao proceeds to kick the living crap out of Miguel Cotto. And the crowd goes wild! Another lazy Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday followed...

Week 3 Highlights:

Wednesday 11/18/2009 I received a phone call from Kevin's teacher right before my lunch hour. She sounded irritated and advised me that she sent him to the Principal's office for lying about finishing his work again! I informed her that I was getting equally tired of addressing this issue almost daily. I asked her AGAIN what her game plan was to prevent the problem and she responded "I honestly don't know. Hopefully the trip to the Principal's office will help." She's been teaching for almost 30 years and it seemed to me that she gave up! She's setting him up for failure by carrying on this way. She even had the audacity to suggest MORE change at home, but I'm convinced that she's the problem. I reminded her that I can't be in class with him and we do plenty of enrichment and reinforcement at home. I asked her if she saw the baseball note. She said yes, but she proceeded to inform me that it was a distraction! Then, it finally dawned on me that Kev probably lied to her because he's scared. Kevin is not the type of kid that belongs in the Principal's office. He isn't rebellious, unruly, or defiant. He does not respond well to yelling or intimidation (which this teacher is known for). I made a point to call Kevin's PIP teacher to see what she noticed. Kevin did better on Thursday because he was so terrified of getting in trouble again.

Friday 11/20/2009 It was John's 27th birthday, but he had work. :( I already had the afternoon off so I got a much needed haircut. I ONLY wanted a trim, but she hacked off 6 inches and I was absolutely depressed afterwards. I was trying to grow my hair so I could donate it to Locks of Love. I tried to plan a last minute celebration for John, but the weather sucked (thank you rain!) so he didn't feel like going out. We went to Akagi and purchased "UP" on Blu-ray instead. Happy 27th Birthday John!

Saturday 11/21/2009 John was supposed to get a tattoo, but the artist cancelled. We went to a birthday party in Tracy. It was the cutest little pajama party ever!!! I wish I took a picture of the cake because it was totally cute! I saw Niki crawl for the first time. John and I were so proud! I called my MIL into the room to show her that Niki was crawling and she told me that Niki started crawling last week! Bummer. I guess that goes to show how overprotective we are. Nevertheless, John and I only count what WE saw as Niki's "1st". :)

Sunday 11/22/2009 Tattoo time! Kevin went to a basketball game with my niece Demi so it was just John, Niki, Boo, and myself. We spent the afternoon shopping on Haight while John got his tattoo. Walking Haight with two kids is tough! Boo decided to have a mini-tantrum (of course, I took pics!) and Niki was the one that was an angel. When we got back to the shop, John was almost done. Apparently, it hurt like hell right over his sternum. I wish I was there to see him squirm!

Week 4 Highlights:

Monday 11/23 - 11/25/2009 Just another boring ass work week. As always, I continued to be annoyed with the MD I work for. She's nice, but so utterly helpless. And don't even get me started on all the crappy stuff I see her do and say on an almost daily basis....

Thursday 11/26/2009 Niki's first Thanksgiving! Our little family matched which is admittedly lame and awesome at the same time. I desperately wished Ethan was there with us. My camera decided to crap out on me so I didn't get to document the holiday accordingly. Thank goodness for the Canon Loyalty Program. (Big shout out to my big sister for telling me about it!) My new and upgraded Canon is expected to arrive by Wednesday. I'm hoping this new camera will outshine by beloved (but sometimes grainy picture quality) PowerShot. I can't wait to start pointing and shooting again. I'll upload pics soon! :)

Till next time folks...

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