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Sunday, February 21, 2010


John came home from work with a surprise for me today. It is very unlike him to be spontaneous so when he told me that he got me a gift, I thought he was talking about candy or something.

But this guy pulled out an iPhone from his pocket!

At first I told him to return it, but everything was already activated. I've half-heartedly mentioned to him a couple of times before that I wanted a "techie phone", but I didn't actually think he would go out and get me one.

Besides, my "Getro" was perfectly fine.

Apparently, he knew how convenient this phone would be for me. I always have thousands of things on my "To Do" list and this phone has already helped me get organized in the few hours that I've had it. I can totally do all my "Mommy stuff" on here.

I'm kind of like "command central" for the den.

Keeping track of bills to pay, bank transactions, reminders for John, coffee/dinner dates, cemetery clearings, school functions, doctor/dental appointments, my medication schedule, Niki's infusion schedule, lab draws, clave changes, medical supply ordering, my ovulation days for NFP (to abstain or not to abstain) and Niki's bleeding episodes are now all at my fingertips. So, now I have the dry erase board at home AND an electronic version!

This has gotta be how the head honchos at Kaiser felt when they switched to electronic charting. Pretty awesome stuff! :)

Aside from of the important things, I even get to partake in a whole bunch of nifty apps for freezy! Okay, I know I'm super late on getting the "iPhones are Awesome" memo, but I'm really loving this phone.

No more getting lost, constantly breaking the Internet rule at work, twittering from the computer, or worrying about if I forgot something. I installed the Blogger app so I HAD to check it out.

And I think this might be the beginning of a beautiful relationship! :)

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