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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Tale of Three Sundays...

I haaaate playing catch up. I'm sure it's been very confusing to read scattered blog entries about random crap that happened in April and May. I was on a blog entry roll and then got sidetracked again. (I'll tell you why in a future post.) It really sucked getting hit back-to-back-to-back with various family illnesses. And man, this past holiday weekend was doozy. (Post coming soon!) I've been in desperate need to relax and "just write" so it feels good to be back. (Once again, you can all thank John's Auntie "N2" who reminded me yesterday that I need to get my ass back in gear.) I promise, promise, promise I'll be better about posting this month. Scouts honor. :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010: Mother's Day and My Unofficial 12 Year Anniversary

I had SFSI training all day and this particular session was emotionally draining. We learned about "perps", rape, abuse, and a whole bunch of other depressing shit. Happy Mother's Day to me. Nevertheless, the SFSI switchboard occasionally receives calls about these things and we need to learn how to deal with it. I really wanted to mentally check out after the first hours, but it was important for me to absorb the material.

Thankfully, I managed to keep my head together and salvaged the rest of my Mother's Day once I got home.

I got out of training at 6pm so our Mother's Day dining options were limited. Our brood is a picky and rowdy bunch (not to mention someone always has to go pee or poop) so we often frequent the same places whenever we decide to dine out. Akagi was closed, Totos was packed, I wasn't in the mood for Chevy's,  so Long John Silvers/KFC it was! Fucking classy, huh? Haha...John rarely needs to bring out the bells and whistles to impress me anyway. My Mother's Day nomnom session was perfect and I loved my gifts from the cubs. My mom was still admitted so we spent the rest of evening with her at the hospital instead of celebrating our 12 year "anniversary". Twelve years went by quick!

I'll write about May 9, 1998 some other time...

Kev's Gift
A Card and a Coffee-Filter Butterfly Magnet

The Inside

Boo's Gift
According to Boo the writing said, "Happy Mother's Day Mommy. I love you very much."

Ethan's "Gift"
Saw this on one of the tables next to me. The year is wrong, but I say it was a sign.

Sunday May 16, 2010: Blog Changes & SFSI stuff

John secretly logged into my Blogger account and purchased a domain for me. Apparently, my self-proclaimed "biggest fan" felt that my ".blogspot" address was waaay too long to type. He later told me that meant to surprise me with on Mother's Day, but because I was in school all day, he didn't have time to go online. My new .com inspired me to spend the rest of my day girling-up my blog. Lol, it's a shame that I can't keep it this way 'cause it took me a while to fix it.

I spent the rest of the week working on my final presentation for SFSI training. My partner and I chose eco-friendly sex as our topic. We were set to present on 5/22, but we both procrastinated on  conducting research all month long. (I was busy with the health issues and she was completing grad school at UC Berkeley.) My partner was graduating that week so I ended up scrambling for the both of us at the last minute.  I did everything. After I got the approval from the director to cuss a little during our presentation, I titled our project "Eco Sex: How to Fuck without Fucking Up the Environment." We ended up fawking rawking our presentation! *pats self on back*

Sunday, May 23, 201: Super Surprise Sunday!

My last day of SFSI training. I took the Intensive Track which means that I opted to condense 60 hours of training into four weekends. The final class was by far my favorite session. We had a full guest panel of sex workers speak and we also learned about various fetishes. I found that BDSM is quite intriguing, but still totally NOT for me. I even met my all-time favorite sex blogger Violet Blue! I didn't want to get all "sex groupie" on her so I didn't approach her to tell her what a huge fan I am.

I'm totally kicking myself in the head now, but whatever. Gawd, I totally admire her though.

Taking this course was an absolutely life altering event. (In a specific way that I'll elaborate on in a few minutes.) In addition to vastly expanding my knowledge base and improving my communication skills,  I also learned a lot about myself in the process. In fact, the President of the Board (who also so happened to be my assigned mentor) even pulled me aside and told me how impressed the trainers were with my progression throughout the program. It was a pleasantly gratifying surprise to hear that compliment. I'm really looking forward to getting more involved with the organization and working to switchboard. Especially now that my I'm-too-dweeby-for-these-people-paranoia has been completely dispelled.

It feels good to go from from totally geek, to totally chic. I'm officially a Sex Educator, ya'll!

Sunday was also filled with another interesting surprise. This...
I wasn't bullshitting when I said that taking this Sex Educator class was a LIFE ALTERING experience!


  1. nice touch on the ending...a picture says it all. congrats, sweetie! can't wait to meet the new cub. take care always...

    love, pops

  2. Thanks Pops. I'm catching up to you, aren't I?