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Friday, November 5, 2010

The Giants Win World Series….uh, exclamation point?

In case you missed it, the Giants won the World Series on Monday. And...the Bay Area has been afflicted by a serious case of "Giants fever."

Crowds went out to party, and a "riot" happened the night of the "Giant Win." The City of San Francisco hosted a ticker tape parade to honor the Giants on Wednesday. On that day, some people called in sick to work, others stayed in line for two hours to buy BART tickets, scores of people got stuck in snarled traffic, and quite a few parents allowed their kids to play hookie to attend the parade.

All of this because the Giants won the World Series.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy about their Giant victory -- after all, this will go down in Bay Area history -- but I really think end of the Series would have been more exciting if the Giants won it in San Francisco. If you ask me, the Giants should have let the Rangers win Game 5 so they could kick some Texas Ranger ass right here in the Bay Area. But hey, that could just be me.

(Aside from that, I really wanted to see CJ Wilson pitch. He's the only Texas Ranger I support because he digs hemophilia. Anything to raise awareness, my friends!)

I told you all I’m not a bandwagon fan. I missed Game 4 so I could take my cubs trick-or-treating for Pete’s sake! Aside from that, I wasn’t too worried about missing the game that day anyway because I knew the Giants would eventually win. I'm no psychic, but I think everyone had a feeling that the Giants would win the Series this year. Frankly, the Rangers didn't seem like they were putting up much of a fight. I'm sure their egos were soundly crushed after getting absolutely obliterated for ALL of the games in SF.

Can I be brutally honest for a moment?  The World Series bored me.

Game 5 was about as exciting as the Dela Hoya/Pacquiao fight. That fight and Game 5 reminded me a lot of what it feels like to have disappointing sex. Sure it sounds like it's going to be exciting, but just because something sounds like it's going to be good doesn't mean it's actually going to be good. (No offense, John.)

The only time I got excited during Game 5 was when Renteria hit that home run. Other than that, I was totally unaroused. Disappointing sex is like that, isn't it? You get one good play, but the rest of the time you're just waiting for the whole thing to be over with. I wouldn't exactly call Game 5 a nail-biting, suspense-filled game. Just like so-so sex, I felt like it dragged on. And when it was finally done...well, it was totally anticlimactic. Where was my orgasm, Giants?! Where were the fireworks? And the screaming announcers?

And this is exactly why I think the Giants should have won it in San Francisco.

I know I'm going to get a lot of flack for this post, but it's my blog and I'll say what I want. And, I'm not a hater..,I just had to get these feelings off my chest. I'm Giantly happy that the Giants won -- proud even -- but I can't say that I'm completely satisfied with the way things were excecuted. Maybe next time. After all, the best type of the sexual encounter is the one you have after the disappointing one. You know, when your lover tries to redeem themselves? ;-)

I'm looking forward to next year, Giants!

Here are a few pictures that John took at the ticker tape parade. I was at work, but John had the perfect view from his office. 

And this was just on Market!
 Fear the Beard
 Does painting a horse's ass seem a little odd to you or is it just me?

 Ohhhhh, Gavin!
 Can someone please explain to me why he is licking a red thong???
 Oooohhh Buster Posey!!!!

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