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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boo & The Metal Ball of Doom...

I've been on a "blog hiatus" thanks to livin' "la vida loca". In lieu of studying, I decided to procrastinate by partaking in my virtual therapy instead. So, here I am.

In case you didn't notice, my last couple of entries have been a little dreary. Please accept my apology for sweeping you deep into the ebbs and flows of my emotional tide. If you're reading this, you probably know me "IRL" anyway which means you're clearly aware of the fact that I'm still learning how to cope. In the past 16 months, I've come to realize that grief tends to affect me in "contractions". I'll start feel the pain rise inside of me and just when I don't think I can handle it anymore, the pain slowly subsides. (If you've given birth before, you should know exactly what I'm talking about.)

Deep breath in....and blow it out.

Even though I'll be "in labor" for the remaining years of my life, I am happy to report that I'm feeling a little better these days. :) Although, it could be because I've been so distracted with school. Whatever the case may be, I'm inbetween "contractions" right now so I think an update is in order.

Monday was Boo's 4th birthday and for his pre-birthday gift, he recieved a trip to the ER!

I was studying on Sunday evening when I heard Kevin's lilting-voice yell "Moooommeeeeee" from the boys' bedroom. I was already mildly exasperated since that was about the billionth "Mommy" I heard all day. I simply responded with "Yes, Kevin?" and continued on with my reading. And then I heard...

"Anthony has a metal ball stuck in his nose."

Oh the joy! Obviously, I was in the kids' room in heartbeat. There was my poor Anthony sitting on the floor with tears streaming down his face. He wasn't bawling, but he had a terribly forlorn look on his face. I swear, if he had a tail, it would have been between his legs! What a sorry sight he was. Poor Boo-Boo was gingerly touching the side of his nostril and judging by the look on his face, I could tell that he was in distress.

You see, Anthony has a thing about his nose.

Boo does not like people to touch his nose AT ALL so I was surprised when, lo and behold, there was a metal ball lodged inside of his "schnozzle". The poor kid probably meant to keep the damn thing within the cusp of his nostril, but being that he's barely four, he also didn't understand the physics involved in removing it.

Newton's 1st Law: A body at rest, stays at rest until force acts upon it.

Now why he put it up there? I have no idea. Why do kids do half of everything they do? But....I'm sure the ball was just barely dangling out of his nose until he pushed it up in attempt to get it out. He should have applied force downward, from the outside of the nostril, but he's a kid. Most kids like to learn lessons the hard way. I surmise that the more Boo tried to get it out, the further upward it went . By the time Kev alerted me of his brother's predicament, it was too late. There was nothing I could do to get it out! For the record, I'm almost positive that Kevie was in absolute awe watching his little brother repeatedly jam his finger up his nose in a panic. I could hear the amusement in Kev's voice when he screamed my name. Yeah, Kev was definitely not letting Boo live this one down.

Not to mention the fact that Kevin incessantly put about a thousand "2-cents" in as I examined Boo's nose.

After reminding Kevin that it would be a good time to "be nice" to his brother, my initial reaction was to panic. Oh, but that's not how things work out in our household. I knew that if I started to panic, Boo would surely follow. I learned early on that the boys are very much in tune with their mother's emotions. Damn! So, I calmly told Anthony that everything would be fine as I placed a call to John. John came home immediately and we off we went. We tried our best to turn it into a game so Boo wouldn't be afraid. We were naturally worried, but it was just a little bit funny after the initial shock subsided. Kids say the darndest things! When we asked why he did it, Boo replied that Kevie told him to. Lies. John and I tried VERY hard not to laugh during our drive to the ER.

Well, long story short, we waited 2.5 hours for a 15 second procedure!

Boo "took it like a man" and didn't even cry. :) With that being said, I made the rest of the story into a "photo essay" mainly because I'm too lazy to type. Enjoy!

The Forlorn Look: On the way to the ER with his healthplan card & "E-pin Lion Lion" in tow.

Boo at the ER: Please excuse the horrendous outfit we hurriedly threw together!

The Metal Ball of Doom: He let me take this picture so he could see what it looked like.
E-pin Lion Lion: Boo took a picture of his buddy while we waited for the doctor.

Boo and E-pin Lion Lion: Still waiting...

Me & Boo: STILL waiting. (Please excuse my frumpy self.)
Redemption at Last: Just moments before The Metal Ball of Doom shot out of his nose and ricocheted off of my shoe.
Boo, After: He took this pic of himself to "make sure" the ball was out.
The Metal Ball of Doom in all its Glory: Can you believe that this big ass thing was in my kid's nose!?

The end.

P.S. For those of you that may be wondering...Yes, I plan on keeping the ball. I'll show the ball and "Rainboots of Shame" to his future wife. More on the "Rainboots of Shame" some other time. :)

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  1. i guess i havetn' been to you r blog in a min so i'm catching up with you this way!!! this is such a funny, scary and heart warming story. i miss you and the kids, when can i come over and visit?