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Monday, August 9, 2010

Fireball, Teeth, and Church...

July 27, 2010

Tuesday, July 27th, was quite eventful -- I caught a glimpse of Fireball 2, had another appointment with Dr. K, my OB/GYN, Kevie & Boo had a dental appointment, and I attended my sisters/stepmama's 96th anniversary Bible study/celebration for their church.

I started my morning by heading over the San Francisco Kaiser to have Nuchal Translucency test in Perinatology. This particular screening involves a blood test (which I completed a few weeks ago) followed by an ultrasound to measure the width of the baby's nucal fold. The width of the fold combined with the results of the blood test, can determine that baby's likelihood of being affected by chromosomal abnormalities like Down Syndrome or Trisonomy 13. The screening was completely optional based on my age, but I've been a huge fan of being "safe rather than sorry" ever since Ethan passed away. The results of the scan wouldn't change my decision to continue to pregnancy, but I'm totally Type-A and I like being prepared. Besides, ultrasounds are fun. :)

I held my urine for the exam (which I might add is VERY hard to do when you hear running water while brushing your teeth), got stuck in traffic, and fought for parking, but I made it to my appointment and had the opportunity to watch Fireball 2 dance on the screen for 30 glorious minutes. I hadn't eaten breakfast yet, but Fireball 2 was full of energy. He/she wasn't compliant with the exam at all. FB2 kept squirming, twisting, and arching his/her back which made it very difficult for the ultrasound tech to measure his/her nucal fold.

The tech vigorously tapped/shook my uterus with the probe several times in an attempt to get the baby to move, but the little bugger was stubborn. It mildly ticked me off that the tech was tapping my uterus while my friggin bladder was ready to burst, but she had to do what she had to do. However, I felt a little more defensive every time I'd see poor Fireball 2's head/body bouncing and wobbling all over the screen from the taps. I told John about it after the appointment and he reminded me that it's probably worse for Fireball 2 during sex.

Poor little guy/gal.

The good news was the tests and ultrasound came back negative so it was all worth it. (Not that a positive result would change my mind about continuing with this pregnancy.) And, I walked away with some nifty pictures of Fireball 2. Evidently, this kid does not have the de Leon schnozzle. Hooray! After staring at the baby for 30 minutes, I'm starting to think this kid is a girl. And if so....I'm excited! Every girl needs a sister to fight and be best friends with. :)

Fireball 2's non-de Leon schnozzle.

After my appointment in San Francisco, I sped back down to DC to meet with Dr. K. As always, everything was on point with Fireball 2 and we spent the bulk of the appointment just talking. Dr. K's wife passed away shortly before I lost Ethan so we often talk about our similar experiences with grief. During this visit, we came to the consensus that surviving the devastation of grief pretty much means you can survive anything. We also talked about the plan with Genetics and my upcoming amniocentesis. So far, I haven't heard any word on whether or not "London" found the mutations, but I'm hoping to hear back in a few short weeks.

I'm just hoping everything will turn out okay...whatever "okay" is.

Later that afternoon John took Kevie and Boo to the dentist. My brother is the RDA and we've been going to that practice for years now. John had no qualms about taking the kids alone. Dr. F (the dentist) is like family so the boys have zero fear of the dentist's office. Even with their weak little fangs. Boo had been complaining of pain for a few days, but as it turned out, his back molars are coming in. So, his gums were tender because he's -- I guess -- kind of teething? Lol. I'm no dentist so bare with me. Basically, my little Boo-Boo is getting his first pair of adult teeth and it hurts.

And I'm an old hag.

Kevin on the other hand, was a bit of a late bloomer. He still hasn't lost his 2nd tooth so the doctor yanked it out. The KID's adult teeth are growing in mighty crooked, but I have orthodontics coverage so I'm not worried. We had to temporarily put the tooth fairy on the back burner because I misplaced my tooth fairy letter and John didn't have cash to put in his pillow that day. (Parenting fail, yet again.) John told Kev that the tooth fairy was on summer break which -- to Kevin -- meant that the tooth fairy wasn't going to visit until school started again.


John could have just told Kev that it was the tooth fairy's day off or something, but nooooo....he sucks at parental fibbing. There was no way to fix the summer break story once he said it. Omg, we're doing all sorts of "wrong" with this whole tooth fairy thing, aren't we?! On the upside, at least that gives me time to make another letter.

I missed out on the whole tooth fairy/dental appointment fiasco because I was in San Jose for the 96th Anniversary of my sisters/Stepmama's church. I had been meaning to attend one of their Bible studies for a while now, but finding the time to actually make the trip to Vallejo was a little more challenging than I thought. So, when my sister invited me to attend the celebration, I was more than happy to join them. My Stepmama and sisters have graciously attended the kids' religious events in the past, so the least I could do was reciprocate the same amount of open-mindedness and respect.

And, I was not disappointed. :)

It was very enlightening and educational to hear scripture interpreted from a different perspective. I was amazed to see so many people in attendance of the celebration, too. The whole event center at SJSU was filled and I really think it's a true testament to their faith in God and the Church. We (my sisters, stepmama, and I) come from different faiths so I had a lot of respect for what I learned that day. Most importantly of all, I was honored that my sister asked me to attend such a special celebration. It was nice to spend time with my sis, my future BIL, and my Nanay (grandmother). Nanay also attended the celebration and I believe this was the first time we've ever spent alone with her -- well, in a while at least.

I love my Nanay. I can listen to her tell stories for days.

More on her some other time...

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