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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Love & Water...

Stumbled on this super old entry that I wrote in early 2007. I love that I save everything I write in Word because it gives me huge insight on my state of mind during that current time period. I was 24 going on 25 when I wrote this so I'm really wondering what was going on in my relationship during that time. I've learned a hell of a lot about love since then. Some of the analogies don't make sense to me now, but nevertheless, I thought I'd share. I'm in a "love" kind of mood anyway. ;-)

Love is an interesting thing. Wait no…love is like water.

Love comes in different variations just like water does. It can be refreshing, poisonous (yes! see: water poisoning), calm, turbulent, clouded, clear, too hot, too cold, and of course, satisfying. Just like water, love can either be scarce or free flowing. You could be suffering from an emotional drought or have an abundance of love to quench your soul's thirst from. Just like water, we also tend take love for granted because we always think it will be around if we need it.

Love is also necessary for survival, just like water is.

Love can be affected by outside elements. If the relationship/love becomes too cold, your heart freezes and stops feeling. In both a sexual and abusive sense, if love is exposed to too much heat, it will turn into vapor and fade away. This is when love can become toxic. Relationships based on lust can be addictive, but deadly if the emotional connection isn't there. Someone is bound to get hurt eventually. Love is poisonous when abuse is involved.

Love's mood can be compared to the ocean - it can be turbulent during stormy weather or calm on a nice sunny day. Lovers can be "fair-weather friends" too. When the rain is pouring, some people duck and hide while others relish in the sheer experience of the moment.

The level of mutual understanding and acceptance involved in a romantic relationship can be compared to lakes. The clarity of your lake could be crystal clear or dark and murky depending on your level of communication with each other. Honesty and integrity have a lot to do with how opaque or translucent your lake will be.

On the flip side, love can be the most refreshing and invigorating feeling once you allow it to enter your soul. Just like water, love quenches your thirst. True, clear love is pure because communication is the key to clarity. Good love is balanced in temperature - never too cold and the heat is just right! Real love is calm with a few storms here and there.

Love makes you really live!

Love is SO much like water that I've come the conclusion that there is no such thing as someone who does NOT need love. It is not humanly possible to live life without ever loving someone. Even the most solitary people need to realize this fact. If someone cares about you, perhaps you should open your eyes to what that means. Look past the glass that the water comes in. You can't live without water so why think that you can live without love? You will never feel satisfied or quench your soul's thirst by just taking sips every once in a while (booty-calls and the latter). You're dehydrated and you don't even know it. Love isn't perfect, but you need it to truly live life.

Embrace it and drink up. Keep yourself hydrated.

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