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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Infamous Clear Heels Post...

Written by me in 2006. An oldie, but goodie. By far one of my all-time favorite posts. Of note, I still need to buy myself some skank shoes.  Yet another "me time" task that I've placed on the back burner. Four years is waaaay too long.

Clear Heels...

Today my coworkers and I were discussing the definition of what makes a woman sexy. I say that sexy is a state of mind, not how people perceive you. Sexy doesn't necessarily mean "slutty".

One woman can feel sexy dressed conservatively while another defines sexy as showing as much skin as possible. Sexy is defined by how you feel inside, not by how you want others to see you. Sexy should be for yourself, not for the world. Sexy does not necessarily equal sex!

After having children, women easily forget what "sexy" is. Ironically, the ultimate expression of a woman's sexuality is the very thing that takes "sexy" away from us. Pregnancy can be a very erotic symbol if you think about it. It just screams, "Look, I had sex!" However, bearing a child and the aftermath of pregnancy can also increase a woman's insecurities.

I'm not only focusing on mothers or wives, but ALL WOMEN. Every woman from time to time loses sight of their sexiness. We obsess about our looks because of print media and television. We feel like we're not sexy because we don't meet our society's definition of "hot". The reality is all women are sexy dammit!!! Every woman can be sexy in their own way. You just have to rediscover yourself and ignore all the bullshit that is put out there.

So the question we were trying to answer is how do you bring "sexy" back? (No Justin Timberlake reference implied.)

I hypothesize that every woman should own one pair of what I like to call "skank shoes". EVERY woman should own a pair of the sluttiest shoes you can legally buy. Go to Broadway (in SF) and buy some clear- heeled stripper shoes if that's what you're in to! Regardless, your mission should be to find one pair of shoes that make you feel confident.

The shoes make the woman.

Shoe fanatics feel me on this! Certain shoes can make you feel a certain way thus wearing sexy shoes will make you feel sexy. Hahaha! You don't have to wear the shoes out, but just break them out when you're feeling particularly low on any given day. Wear 'em around the house while vacuuming or doing the dishes. Wait till the kids are asleep if you don't want to feel silly. Make a pact with your friends and wear them bad boys out in public if you have to. Whatever it takes to bring sexy back in your life.

Either way, I think every woman, especially mothers, should have one pair of skanky shoes to bring "sexy" back into their lives. I guarantee that it will work.

Now, who wants to go shoe shopping with me so we can test my theory? Hahahaha!

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