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Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Bank...

Kevin and I went to the bank after I picked him up from school yesterday. I made sure he used the restroom before we left his school, but after a long wait in line (right when we approached the counter) he announced to me that he had to use the bathroom, again.

Ah....six year olds, gotta love them. ;)

I'm a regular at the bank so I knew the teller and she was clearly amused. She saw how long we waited in line. Why oh why do kids have "perfect" timing?! In true Mommy fashion, I had no qualms about asking Kev whether he had to go Number 1 or Number 2 as I hurriedly did my bank transaction. Of course, Kevin proclaimed, "I gotta go poo."


I hate, hate, HATE taking my kids to use public restrooms! It just really grosses me out. I detest taking Kevin in particular because he is NOT germ-conscious. Kev likes to squish his tiny bottom as far into the seat as possible. So, the thin paper ass-gasket is ripped to shreds by the time he's finished situating himself on the seat.

"I won't get wet when the poop falls into the water."

This is the logic behind why he scoots so low into the seat. Nice, isn't it? Kev also refuses to hover over the seat because he might fall. Instead, he prefers to hold onto the sides of the seat where Lord-knows-what splashed, smeared, or connected onto it.

Ugh, so gross.

Alas, nature called and my KID was starting to fidget. By this time the whole damn bank knew he had to take a shit. Yet, he managed to ignore nature just enough so he could still dance around in front of the security cameras. (Yes, Kevin is an animated little guy.) I was really starting to think he'd break out into full song and dance. "I Gotta Go Poo: The Musical" was going to unfold right before my eyes, folks! The teller managed to quickly wrap up the transaction just as Kevin announced to me that he was "starting to sweat".

Kids are just brutally honest, aren't they?

Off to the bathroom we went so Kev could do his business. With a push, grunt, and a whole lot of hand washing, our trip to the bank was finally done.

These are the days when I miss changing his diapers.

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