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Monday, October 5, 2009

From X-Rays to X-Rated...

I went to school today, but not to begin the 2nd quarter. I went to school to submit my temporary withdrawal letter. Even though I'm going back next year (unless I strike the lotto), I'm still really sad that I had to leave. Quitting is not in my nature even when I have no choice in the matter. But hey, for every closed door a new one opens right? My radiography education has officially entered its hiatus. No more pencils, no more books, no more teachers' dirty looks! ;-)

Out with x-rays onto x-rated! (Ha, I swear I can't get enough of that phrase.)

My orientation for the Sex Educator training program is tomorrow night. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. What if I get there and I absolutely hate it? What if I have nothing in common with anyone? What if it's too sex-y for me? What if? What if? WHAT IF?!

Then what?

Argh, I despise entering uncharted territory! I'm sure everything will be fine, but I'm going to worry incessantly until I finally get there. That's just how I roll. Stay tuned 'cause I'm sure I'll have LOTS to write about after orientation tomorrow. :)

In the meantime, here's my "funny kid story" for the day.

Kevin and I were having fish (okay, it was Tilapia!) for dinner this evening when Boo decided to join us. Here is the conversation that followed:

Boo: Mama, is that fish alive?
Me: No, we can't eat it if it's alive.
Boo: How'd it died? Did you cooked it?
Me: Yes, it was cooked. (I was starting to visualize the fish being alive.)
Boo: So it's dead??? Did it swim?
Me: Yes, it's dead. (I was REALLY starting to get grossed out by this time.)
Boo: Oh. Wow, there's the mouth! It has teeth. Are all its friends still alive?
Me: I don't know Boo, just eat it.
Boo: Did you fried it? Oh yeah, it died! Look at the mouth Mama!
Me: Boo! Stop talking about the fish being alive!!

Boo did an excellent job reminding me that I was feasting on dead fish carcass. It didn't help when John pointed to the fish and told Anthony "that's Nemo" either. In the eyes of my four year old, our dinner used to LIVE, swim, and have friends! He clearly wasn't bothered by the idea of the fish being a living, breathing? creature. He asked me all of those questions as he happily munched on said fish! Anthony did such a good job at grossing me out that I *almost* wasn't able to finish my dinner. But, I love me some fish so I ate it up anyway.

Good night, folks!

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