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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Today at work I nonchalantly asked my co-worker what she had planned for Easter Sunday.

She responded by telling me that she had nothing planned because she doesn't "do all that". Keep in mind that she is Catholic so her response caught me off guard. The wanna-be journalist in me decided to delve a little deeper so I asked a few follow up questions. My co-worker elaborated further by explaining to me that while she celebrates the "Catholic part" of Easter (i.e. The Resurrection, Good Friday, etc), she refuses to participate in pagan portion of the holiday (i.e. Easter Eggs, egg hunts, Easter Bunny). So, I thought about it for a second and agreed because she is absolutely right. Some portions of the Easter holiday just don't make any damn sense.

I blame Hallmark. And Pagans. Oh, and let's throw in the chocolate companies for good measure. ;-)

Now I'm no expert, but after that conversation I have to agree that (for certain holidays) the lines between Chrisitanity and Paganism have been blurred together so much that it's hard to differentiate between the two. Like really, what the hell do eggs shooting out of a rabbit's ass have to do with Jesus? However, when I was younger I attended Easter egg hunts and begged my mom to spring the cash (no pun intended) so I could take jacked up pictures with the Easter Bunny. Thanks a lot Hallmark and chocolate companies for confusing me at an early age.

But...I don't blame chocolate too much because it's delicious. (Mmmmm....chocolate. Shh, don't tell Hallmark or the Pagans that my "blame finger" isn't pointed equally!)

But I digress, my coworker was trying to have a serious conversation with me, but let's face it...I can't hold a serious conversation very long. So, I proceeded to agree with her and brought up the fact that the... rabbit?... bunny?... rodent?...whatever the hell it wants to be called.... is the LEAST APPROPRIATE animal to represent the holiday. Isn't the rabbit the most promiscuous out of all of God's creatures?

Why did they (the Pagans, chocolate companies, Hallmark...whoever!) select the biggest whore in the animal kingdom to be Easter's "mascot"?! Oh, the irony.

After I made that declaration, my co-worker abandoned ship (so to speak) and the conversation changed from her sharing the Gospel with me to being focused on my crazy, random -- dare I say it-- perverted perception of the world. Life shouldn't be any other way. :-)Now, while there is a wealth of information about the origin of Easter traditions, Paganism, and Catholicism at my fingertips (readily available for linking), I'm way too lazy to educate the masses today. So please, take this post as PURE SATIRE and leave it at that.

In other news, I think my old blogging ways are making a comeback. Thank you 13,0000 feet!!! ;-)

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