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Thursday, May 7, 2009


It's tough to be in a relationship.

Knowing that "men are from mars, women are from venus" doesn't do jack to solve the daily issues that arise from having different genitalia and social upbringing. Men and women will NEVER truly understand each other. Period.

Okay, I know it sounds cynical of me to say it, but it's true! Sure, it's entirely possible to understand where "he" is coming from, but it still doesn't change how "she" feels. If our issues could be solved by the thousands of "relationship theorists" out there, don't you think there would only be one self-help book published? Exactly. It's simply not possible to fully understand the opposite sex unless you actually are the opposite sex. The cycle of misunderstanding continues. "He'll" always go into his proverbial cave and "she" will always want to

I've been with JD for eleven years. We grew up together and having witnessed his blossoming into adulthood, you'd think we'd understand each other more than most people. Ha, but sometimes I still don't get him, and vice versa! I don't think I ever will. My grandparents have been married for over 50 years and they don't get each other. (I hardly doubt this is a family trait.) It is just the law of the land. Men and women just don't click and are destined to do so until the end of time. But hey,you probably don't get your significant other either, right?!

On the other hand, if being in a relationship is so hard, then why not be single?

There are different schools of thought on whether or not the "single life" is better than the "married life". I haven't ever been single as an adult so I wouldn't know. But, I will say that it's nice to have someone to come home to...and spoon with at the end of the day. ;-) And as corny as this sounds, I want someone to grow old with. I found my synonymous lobster - my life mate! We're not perfect, but despite all the snapping and clawing, I'm still pretty dang smitten with the guy.

I can only hope the kids are so lucky.

For Niki:

FVII Deficiency
Factor VII Deficiency
Factor 7 Deficiency
FVII Deficient

If you have this rare bleeding disorder, please message me! My daughter has it too and you are not alone!

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