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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Good Times with Good Friends...

I first heard about the Folsom Street Fair in 2001. At the time, I was working as a Technical Recruiter for a gay/minority/woman-owned staffing agency in the Financial District. (Working there was BEST time of my life, by the way.) I've wanted to go to Folsom ever since my co-workers told me about it, but I never had the opportunity to go. Well, that was until last weekend anyway...

Sunday, September 26, 2010 was the Folsom Street Fair!!!!!!

I originally planned on volunteering for SFSI's beer booth (one of the nifty things I can do with my Sex Educator certification), but I couldn't make the ABC training date. Nevertheless, I still had my heart set on going. I didn't have any prior obligations, so I started an early morning mission to find someone to accompany me. (John opted to tame the cubs by his lonesome rather than join me to partake in the festivities.) The good news is my very good friend TZ agreed to join me. We planned on meeting our friends C & JNG there so that was an added plus!  TZ and I both had to attend Mass, and I picked her up at around 2:30. Afterward, it was on to debauchery!

(Disclaimer: Some homosexual pictures below so if you'd rather not see them, scroll quickly! I have G-Rated pictures from the Greek Food Festival too.)

Here are a few R-rated pics from that day. Enjoy...or not depending on what you're into. ;-)

 One of the coolest ladies ever! She also does G-rated kid's parties. ;-)
 Creative, no?
 SFSI's Beer Booth! :)
Vendor booths...
 I wanted one of these and a whip ('cause you know I'm a Lion Tamer), but I didn't want draw attention to myself. I regret not getting one though....
Festival Attendees. And yes, there was a silent Christian protester in the crowd too.
 I really like this picture...

And of course, what's the Folsom Street Fair without some flogging!?
 That paddle did some serious damage on one person, but he seemed to enjoy it!

Eventually, all of the public whipping and leather was "too much". My mind had "fetish overload." You see it once, you've seen it all, right? Besides, I'm pregnant and it was H-O-T so a small minority of people smelled funkier than usual. My friends and I were also very careful about NOT bumping into some of the people there because they were full on nude. Some were cute/beautiful, but others well...not so much. After a pretty kick-ass time wandering the Fair and meeting new people, we all decided to call it quits. TZ & I said our goodbyes to C & JNG, and off to the Greek Food Festival we went! We plan on having a more low-key get together the next time we hang out. And if you're reading this...thanks for the memories ladies! I couldn't have asked for a better group of gals to experience Folsom with. Too bad I can't post that x-rated picture of us and that lady. ;-)

San Francisco is amazingly diverse. The Greek Food Festival was taking place at a Greek Orthodox Church in The Mission on 16th. The Folsom Street Fair was taking place in SoMa on 12th! There was such a stark contrast between the events taking in both neighborhoods. We went from leathers/whips/fetishes to Latin culture immersion to Greece in less than a 5 minute drive. Only in SF my friends!

Here are a few pictures from our "trip to Greece."

TZ does her own nails. :)

This bird was completely tame.
What's a Greek Food Festival without some Baklava!? This one was super delish. 

TZ and I started and ended our day with church. We talked about how this coincidence was probably a sign that God starts and ends everything. God is ever present...even in the midst of "sinfulness." (See "Christian Protestor Pic" from Folsom.) Sunday, Sept. 26th was an awesomely PERFECT day. TZ made some new friends at the Folsom Street Fair while I met some good friends of hers at the Greek Food Festival. And, I even had the opportunity to finally catch up with my very good friend "E" (TZ's brother.) I really love and admire that sibling duo so it's always nice to hang out with them. I'm always in awe of how passionate and spiritual they are, and I wish I could share their friendship with the world. I went home that day feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready to tame my lions. :)

The following day (Monday 9/27/10) I had a fabulous dinner date with my best friend, "K." We've known each other since we were about Kevin's age. Our lifelong friendship/bond makes me wonder which friends my cubs will carry through their lifetime. K is more like a sister than "just a friend." I can cast my burdens on her and feel little to zero guilt about her acting as my pseudo-therapist. I often joke that I should start paying her for our sessions. There is always something special about swapping funny stories and "real life woes" with K. We probably overstayed our welcome at Elephant Bar, but it was worth it. I got to indulge in sweet potato fries for the first time (thanks for introducing me to this delectable treat, K.) More importantly, I left our dinner date with a full belly and a less-burdened heart. I have the BEST FRIEND a girl could ever ask for. Like, really. I hope and pray everyone has a friend like K in their lives.

I went home with the best mood ever. The kids were bathed, fed, and homework was done! Wow. John was really trying to butter me up for his Pismo trip. A few weeks ago E (godfather to all of our cubs) gave the boys some nifty art supplies/toys. So, my dinner date with K was followed by an impromptu "bone digging" session with my cubs. I love doing tactile fun-stuffs with my boys. Kicking back with my cubs was the perfect way to end a perfect night.

*Sigh* I wish every work week started this way. More blog posts to come. :)

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