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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Tummy, Happy Heart

October turned out to be the perfect month for making my tummy and heart very happy. I had quite a few  therapy sessions these past few weeks. My belly and soul have been satisfied.

For starters, I had my "usual" Sunday brunch date at La Boheme with my friend D. I haven't had dinner there yet, but their brunch is super fabulous! I haven't had a chance to reconnect with her since March because I was busy with lion taming while she was busy finishing up grad school and writing her thesis. (She's one smart cookie, I'm telling you.) But.... I love, love, love my brunch dates with D! We always pick up right where we left off no matter how much time has passed. I also really appreciate her wisdom and strength. She gives me such a broader perspective on things, and has the rare ability to validate my feelings without me still second-guessing myself.

I also had quite a few coffee dates this month.

On 10/11/10, I met up with P (and my niece D) after I got off from work. P requested to meet with me so we could discuss the possibility of me designing her STDs. (Save the dates.) She will be getting married in July and I was honored that she entrusted me to help her with this. We shared ideas over coffee and then headed over to Michaels so we could brainstorm. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my niece D because she's a craft nut just like I am. She's my sidekick whenever I have to do party stuff. It was also nice to get out and get into "craft mode" with a bride that has such an awesome vision for her wedding. I really adore the theme for her wedding because it's so unique! I left Michaels that day feeling refreshed and eager to get started on making a mock-up of her STD. This is going to be my first wedding gig and I'm excited. :)

Side note: I have also started planning Niki's 2nd birthday. My uterus will probably still be expelling gobs of lochia (thanks to my giving birth) so I figured now would be a good time to start planning her party. I already found a venue (SAVE THE DATE FOR FEBRUARY 26th!) I'm also trying to coordinate a blood drive since Niki had a transfusion this year. Ethan's 3 year death anniversary is on 2/27 too. More details to come...

On 10/18/10, I met up with Niki's Ninang (and my good friend) M for a Starbucks date. And then I revisited Starbucks again on 10/21/10 with my best friend K! If you're starting to become alarmed by my caffeine intake, don't fret because I usually opt for a caramel apple cider or seasonal hot cocoa  being that I'm preggers and all. There's something cleansing about about sipping hot drinks and sharing good convo with my girlfriends.  I wonder if men feel this way about their buddies? Even though Kevin often interjected his thoughts into the conversations (I took him to both dates) we still had the opportunity to share chissmiss and vent about life.

Good times!

On Monday 10/25/10 I had the pleasure of experiencing a double whammy of "tummy happiness." I met with my neice D for an impromptu lunch date and I had a "coffee and homework date" with my boys. :) D and I met in San Bruno for some yummy Japanese food at you guessed it -- Akagi!  (I can't get enough of that place.) Their yelp review sucks, but I swear it's the best hole-in-the-wall place to get Japanese food. Can't beat their prices or the taste. I'm not a fan of raw sushi (I'm allergic) but I love their bento boxes and cooked rolls. Deep fried California Rolls are my favorite. :)

D (can I just say your first name from now on?)  got there early and ordered for the both of us. I know the menu by heart so I just texted her my selections. Great minds must think alike because we both ordered the same thing. I owed D big time because I missed her 21st birthday celebration in Lake Tahoe a few weeks ago. I barely get to see D anymore since she moved to Fairfield so it was nice to just have some one-on-one time with her. I miss having my "Fats" around. That girl is my diary. ;-)

My lunchtime date gave me a sudden boost of energy so I decided to take both Kev and Boo out on a coffee and homework date after I got off from work. It was a challenge, but the boys had a lot of fun. They enjoyed sipping their hot chocolates and devoured their brownies. Even John made it in time to join us! Once the kids finished up their homework, we went grocery shopping for dinner. (John made tacos because I was craving for them.) All of the excitement must have exhausted the boys because they were bathed, in bed, and asleep before 9! It was a miracle. No one got up because their were thirsty, scared, or "too bored to sleep."

Kev and Boo toasting each other. I swear I don't know where they get this stuff from!
 Sipping on their hot cocoa. :)
 I love my boys.
 Cocoa + Crayons = The perfect way to end a school day! 

I can't wait until I can have coffee dates with my girls. :)

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