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Monday, October 4, 2010

Rescuing Me Pt. 2 - We've got progress!

Do you guys remember when I used to work seven days a week and had school 3-4 nights a week? I carried on like that for YEARS and I basically let go of my old self. Everything seemed pointless unless it had some sort of contribution to my hustle. I had zero time for crafting, baking, reading for pleasure, or sometimes....even writing. Well, now that I'm stagnant (no school, no second job), my mind isn't as busy any more.  I still have a lot on my plate with all the lion taming that needs to be done 'round here, but I still need my "me time."

For the past seven years I've put myself on the back burner. I used to have time to scrapbook and make goodies out of scratch, but that person went into hiding once I became a Mommy and student. Even Kevie's baby scrapbook isn't done! I know I sound like a total nerd for saying this, but I kinda miss school. It gave me something to do for ME. It was my sanctuary, ya know? And homework was my hobby.

It's going to be while before I can be a student again. So what have I decided to do to make use of my free time? Bring the old me back, of course!  My stepmama got me a book called Comfort (by Ann Hood) and the author's "therapy" turned out to be knitting after her daughter died. I can appreciate the notion of busy fingers calming a bereaved heart because it works for me. When I keep my hands busy, my mind has zero time to think. My heart feels calmer when I do something that makes me feel productive.

In case you missed this post, I'm happy to report that I've made some progress on "Rescuing Me." I've started baking again. I feel so...Julie & Julia. I never had the luxury of owning a Kitchen Aid so I'm doing everything by hand. And....there's something about beating the shit out of eggs that makes me feel like a million bucks. I suppose it's akin to breaking plates when you're pissed off -- I feel stress leaving my body when I literally slave away in the kitchen. Another plus? I get to reward myself with a little sweetness after. Makes me feel young again. :)

My first baking session took place the night before my SIL's luau. I found a recipe online for mini Tres Leches cakes. I looooove tres leches so I was super excited take a bite of the finished product. The cake was too dense for my taste -- and I let the cakes soak overnight! (I'll tackle tres leches again once I find a better recipe.) My arms were sore the following day, but I had so much fun getting back in the swing of things.

 Whipped by Hand...
 The finished product...

I also made chocolate chip cookies one random weeknight (9/22) for a birthday potluck at work. Oh, and rice krispie treats, too! I'm also considering taking a cake decorating class in the near future.

I love eggs. :)

I even started scrapbooking again. It's been over one year since I touched Ethan's scrapbook, but I finally made a layout Labor Day Weekend. I had the pleasure of tinkering with my sister's Cricut and I'm in LOVE. Here's the layout I made. Wasn't my baby boy absolutely precious? I'll post more pictures of layouts as I slowly start to churn them out.

The finished product. :)

 The final piece to my "rescuing" is sewing again. I'm still on the hunt for my heavy-duty thrift store sewing machine, but I already have someone willing to teach me how to sew. Or...I can always ask my Grandma to show me. I'll keep you all posted once that dream starts to materialize. :)

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