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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Thai & Tile...

On October 7th, John and I attempted to take the cubs to Color Me Mine so they could work on the ceramic tiles we purchased for their school fundraiser. We purchased 5 tiles -- one for each cub. Their school is creating a tile wall that will basically be there forever.  And you know I can't pass up an opportunity when it comes to creating memories for the cubs! It was pricey to buy 5 6"x6" tiles, but I think the "cool factor" outweighed the cost.

Anyway...we took them to the studio, but for whatever reason the girl working that night couldn't find the tiles. Instead we took the kids to have their first taste of Thai food at Bangkok Garden in Westlake. John was leary about taking them at first (they're picky eaters) but we were pleasantly surprised to discover how much they enjoyed our culinary trip to Thailand. I highly recommend this restaurant. The Pad Thai is a to die for and John said the yellow chicken curry is heaven. I've tried all of their soups (none disappoint your tastebuds) but the Tom Yum Goong and Tom Yum Gai are my favorite. And...the service is outstanding.

Thai BBQ ain't got nothing on this soup!

We went back to Color Me Mine the following day, Friday, October 8th. This time we had success and the guy working that night knew exactly where to look for our tiles. I took Ceramics in high school and for my fine art requirement in college, but I still absolutely hate glazing. The glaze always looks better BEFORE you fire it. (I LOVE throwing on the wheel though.) I'm hoping the tiles turn out okay. Here are a few pictures of the tiles before they were fired. I'll post pictures of the finished product when the tile wall in finally unveiled.

Kevie's tile:
According to Kevin, the black smudge on the upper right side is a "car"
 Boo's tile:
The bottom two are monster trucks. The top orange thing is "a monster truck with covered wheels and a brake". I'm assuming the brake is the line.
Ethan's tile: 
We really didn't have a design for Ethan's tile, but I'm sure you guys understand all the symbols. By the way, the handprint is an replica of Ethan's actual handprint. I traced it.
 Niki's tile:
 Again, no particular design -- just her handprint and some symbols. She didn't want to paint. ;-)
 Noie's tile:
A small VII because she's a carrier. And of course, the lion from Ethan's NICU tag.
 Can you see what it spells????

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