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Friday, October 29, 2010

I'm Baaaaack In!

I still can't believe this has happened --- I'm posting an entry in my home sweet home!!!! My friends, this has got to be the BEST Friday...EVER!!! Losing my blog was so devastating that getting it back almost feels like it's too good to be true. Someone pinch me and tell me this isn't a dream!

For the past few weeks I've bounced you guys all over the place -- from WordPress to a new blog ( on Blogger. I've fallen, dusted myself off, and dragged you all along for the ride. I'm sure I've exasperated a few readers, lost a few readers, and surely confused the hell out of all of you. So, I thank you for baring with me as I tried to figure this whole thing out.

Now that I'm back, it feels so good to have people to share my joy with.  I've also gained some new bloggy friends out of this whole experience and that ain't bad at all. ;-)  I promise, promise, promise that this will be the last time you'll all have to switch your "follow buttons" back. I plan on completely shutting down the "" blog once I've completely re-transitioned back to home. Special thanks to the folks at Google / Picasa for being the "" -- you guys have seriously glued my heart back together. :)

For now, I'll be basking in the moment and looking forward to enjoying Halloween weekend. More posts to come!

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