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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Kev & Boo's Surfer Dude Party...

This past Sunday (7/25) was Kevin and Anthony's birthday party. Their birthdays are only one month apart so why not have a joint celebration, right? To be honest, John and I weren't sure if we could pull it off. We neglected to do any real planning for the boys' party because we weren't sure if Niki would still be in the hospital. When it turned out that Niki recovered sooner than expected, party planning continued to stay on the back-burner as we all adjusted to the wonderful world of port access.

I handed out invitations prior to Niki's surgery (I'll post a pic some other day because I don't think I have any spare invites), but everyone else was invited via Evite a few days before  the party. Talk about procrastination!

But somehow, with the help of my lovely in-laws, John and I managed to pull this party off in less than 3 days! Two days to be exact. My SILs and I *seriously* threw the party bags together on Saturday. John and I ordered sandwiches and spam musubi on Friday. My sister and her MIL helped too. My sis made super delish 7-layer dip and spinach dip while her MIL made bibingka and strawberry leche flan. Oh, and my BFF K's cousin Deb made some really yummy blue velvet and marble cupcakes for the kids. Meanwhile, my MIL cooked up a storm while my SFIL made his infamous BBQ.

If it weren't for all of the help, we wouldn't have been able to pull this party off. The boys deserved nothing but the best birthday bash after all of the stress and separation anxiety they went through with Niki's back-to-back hospitalizations. A special handful of guests made it to the party and as far as I know, everyone had fun.

Party success is the best, but MOST IMPORTANTLY of all, my boys had TONS of fun. After all, the party was for their special day. :)

The Lion King and the Cubs
Ryder Park
The Goodies...
The Grub...
 Summer time fun!

Cupcake Time!

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