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Monday, July 12, 2010

Our Anniversary

Sunday, July 4th, 2010:

John and I have been together for 12 years. And I remember how we spent every anniversary since then. We've gone to see fireworks every year with the exception of our 4th anniversary that we spent indoors moving into our 1st apartment together. This year John decided that he wanted to take the cubs to watch the fireworks on his brother's boat. We dropped anchor in Benicia so we could watch the fireworks show for both Benicia and Martinez.

Here are pictures from that day. :)

John and I always have a "fireworks show" for Ethan at the cemetery :)

A Day on "The Codfather"
The cubs with their cousins J & I
My Godson D
Me and Niki trying to enjoy the ride. (I got sea/morning sick later on that evening.)
Passing up the Carquinez Bridge...
John loves shooting in B&W - Here's a great pic of "I"
Here's a not-so-great pic of me KO'ed and Niki wondering wtf was going on...
J looking at the land...
Kevie really enjoyed the boat ride.
Niki and Daddy. Boo is camera shy so we hardly evey get any single shots of him.
While we were waiting for the sun to set my SIL and BIL cooked up some hot dogs.
I snapped some pics of the pretty twilight.
And John and I played with some sparklers and put on special fireworks show for Ethan. :)
It was hard to take pics of the fireworks with the boat constantly rocking. Camera shake is virtually unavoidable, but it was still really fun to shoot. The fireworks show was beautiful. Some of them came so close it felt like the colors were showering down on us. :)
This one reminds me of aliens. :)
John snapped this pic of me and the kids as they watched the show. I look horrid.
More fireworks...

The finale :)

We spent to rest of the evening lounging at my BIL and SIL's house watching music videos with the kids. (Big thank you to both of them for allowing me to post pictures of their kiddies for all the internet to see.) The girls (Niki and "I") were enjoying Justin Bieber a little too much. "I" knew every word to that song! These lionesses are outgoing just like their Daddies. Here's a video of Niki giggin' to "Baby". Her dancing reminds me of the African Anteater Ritual from Can't Buy Me Love. John is in for some trouble when this girl hits her teens.

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