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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Riding in Cars with Boys...

My relationship has been a lot like a very long road trip.

John and I drive a little differently, but we're both speeders so we've always done things unconventionally. We kissed on the first day we met, had sex a month and a half later, and had tons of little cubs out of wedlock. If that ain't unconventional, I don't know what is. Road trips aren't always fun and games. As much as we wish that we could be on cruise control all the time, that luxury only tends to happen in small stints. It's impossible to foresee each and every hazard that lay ahead, but we try our best to avoid accidents and always pay attention to the road.

Nevertheless, our destination hasn't changed one bit.

Our relationship isn't perfect -- we're both fiery people so our engine often overheats and explodes. That's what happens when you drive non-stop. Through the years we've made our pit stops together and always resume our journey together. John has always compared our relationship to restoring a classic car. In fact, he wrote this exact quote in my senior yearbook...

"Our relationship is like soupin' up a car. It's a bitch to work on it, but once it's fixed up our car will last for years and years."

He was only 17 when he wrote that, but he was right. John and I have been together for 12 years today. Because we're both in this journey for the long haul, we've needed several tune-ups, repairs, and massive restorations along the way. John and I have become masters of shifting gears. We've done our best to ignore life's potholes and made the best of the worst traffic conditions. That's what love is all about. You find the right person to ride shot gun and enjoy the ride.

Our engine is old and weary, but you know what? We're still running strong. We've clocked in a lot of miles together so that means we've broken each other in. Forget the fake shit. He still thinks I'm sexy even if I haven't shaved my legs. And he even jokingly calls me Paddington Bear when I'm on my period. He could gain a thousand pounds and I'd still wipe his ass if he were old and gray. John and I continue navigating this road because at the end of the day nothing else matters. We're happy and I could go for miles and miles with this man. This has been the most exciting road trip of my life.

Thanks for the ride, Honey. I love you.

When we were Seventeen...

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