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Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Last Day...

Wednesday, July 23, 2010:

John was called in to work at the last minute the day Niki was supposed to be discharged. So, Niki and I spent most of the morning lounging around while the discharge planner got all the paperwork together. She was set to be released at around noon-ish.

Niki's final breakfast...
Digesting. (I swear she positioned herself this way.)
The Lioness in her Cage. (The one she refused to sleep in.)
Busting out of the cage...
Playing with Bobby...
Saying Goodbye to Bobby in the playroom...

John came by at 12:00 so the nurses could show the both of us how to do Niki's antibiotic infusion at home. Niki was going to need a Ceftriaxone infusion once a day for the next 12 days. This was going to be the final antibiotic that would prevent Serratia regrowth. Pushing the medication was no different from what we already do at home for her factor. It was just a larger volume of fluid being infused over 3-5 minutes.

John giving Niki her Ceftriaxone...
The Ceftriaxone
After the successful infusion given by her Daddy

It felt so good to get the hell out of the hospital. I was starting to feel like I was going stir-crazy from being indoors for almost 5 days! I felt instant relief the second fresh air hit my face. Niki was in the best mood ever! She was all giggles and smiles as we walked out of the hospital. I'm pretty sure she was absolutely sick of the hospital too.

John and I decided shortly after Niki's hospitalization that it would be better to move up her surgery date. I got lucky and was able to schedule her port surgery on Monday, July 12th. She'll be admitted to the hospital on July 11th and they are expecting her to be hospitalized for about a week after the surgery. Hopefully less than one week if everything goes well. The day she was discharged, John and I were instructed to draw repeat blood tests on 6/28. Thankfully, her white blood cell count was close to normal by then. And all went well at her hospital release visit with Dr. Sweetheart on June 30th. Dr. Sweetheart marveled at how well Niki was doing despite all of the icky things that could have happened to her with the infection. My cub is amazingly resilient and I think we were all relieved that everything turned out so well. :)

Playing at Dr. Sweetheart's office

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